Aesthetic Treatments - Dysport®

DYSPORT is an injectable formula similar to Botox®Cosmetic. It can smooth and soften furrowed brows and other stressed areas, giving you a more relaxed, youthful appearance.

What is DYSPORT?
Like Botox, it is a form of neurotoxin, approved by the FDA for treatment of facial wrinkles. Though newer than Botox, it has proven to be similarly safe and effective. Dysport can work even more effectively than Botox in some applications – One of our elite doctors or registered nurses will expertly determine the formula likely to produce the best results for you.

What is the procedure like?
If you’re familiar with Botox treatments, expect a Dysport procedure to be similar. Treatment for facial wrinkles is accomplished in a simple office procedure involving only minimal discomfort. Small amounts of Dysport are injected into facial muscles associated with the affected skin. The needle used is small and does not penetrate deeply. Mild bruising, redness and small bumps may occur at the injection site immediately after treatment. These effects are short-lived and cause little if any recovery downtime.

How long does a treatment last?

Marked reduction of dynamic wrinkling may be seen within hours. Most patients will see results within a few days, as opposed to the 7-10 day response time seen with Botox. As with Botox, improvements last from three to four months before additional treatment is needed.

Are there side effects?
As with Botox, infrequent, short-live side effects include temporary drooping of the eyelids or brows, drooping of the side of the lip and mild headache. Dysport may not be fully effective for everyone.

Dysport can be used in conjunction with cosmetic fillers for optimal facial smoothing.


If you tend to bruise easily, it is recommended that you discontinue taking “blood thinner” a few days before your treatment. This includes aspirin, fish oil, or Omega-3s, flaxseed or flaxseed oil, ibuprofen, or Aleve. Discontinuing these products right before treatment is not necessary for everyone, but if you’re concerned about bruising, it’s a precaution to take. Do not discontinue taking medications prescribed by your physician without consulting with them first.

If you would like to apply a topical anesthetic before your treatment, please arrive 30 minutes before your appointment. This ensures the cream is able to reach full effectiveness before your appointment begins.


After your Dysport® treatment, it is recommended that for about 4 hours you avoid exercise or vigorous activity, avoid pressure on the area of treatment, and avoid bending or lying down.

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