Author: Dawn Sasiela, RN (originally published on Dawn’s blog:

Dawn IPL BeforeI thought I would share an honest account of the process of having an IPL Photofacial followed by a peel. (Please pardon the mug shots.)

The photo to the left is a before photo the day I did my IPL.  I was bothered by hyperpigmentation which was increasing over the last 6 months

Dawn IPL During 1The second photo is the day after the IPL, and the pigmented lesions have “peppered” and now appear darker.  This is GOOD!  That is what I was targeting!

After allowing my skin to calm down for 1-2 weeks, I applied a VI Peel® on day 10.  The 4th day after applying the peel I was experiencing peeling that lifted my stratum corneum (the top layer) and any remaining peppering that was hanging on. Dawn Peeling

The peeling starts around the mouth and spreads out the cheeks over the course of 1-2 days.  This period is itchy and a bit irritated, but the VI Peel® comes with hydrocortisone cream in an emollient base that helps sooth the skin.  I flaked until yesterday which was day 9.

Dawn IPL AfterToday is 10 days since  I applied my peel and I now have clear, smooth and rejuvenated skin.  My pores appear smaller, the pigment is significantly improved and any fine lines have been minimized.  Makeup applies very smoothly after recovering from these procedures.


The last photo is today’s mug shot (without makeup on face as evidence by my uncamouflaged breakout; just eye makeup)!

I wish I had a picture from 12 years ago before I started taking care of my skin. Once upon a time I was a red head who wanted a tan!  I was covered in freckles and “age spots”.  I try very hard to protect my skin these days.  However, even with my efforts, I end up with some sun from long walks with my dog or hiking with friends.

Anyway, I am a huge fan of these modalities for skin rejuvenation and thought I would share these photos as an example of what one can expect!  I try to do this 3-4 times per year.