BeforeAfter2PhotorejuvenationCourtesyofMarielaNazar,M_DAuthor: Jennifer Jacobsen, RN

We are excited to have upgraded our existing IPL treatment machine to the Lumenis M22.  IPL, also alternatively referred to as Photofacial, is the acronym for Intense Pulse Light.

Primarily, we use IPL to treat:
– Pigmented lesions – hypermelanotic areas that can result from sun exposure, the natural aging process or congenital conditions
– Rosacea – a chronic skin condition which manifests as redness on the face, neck and chest
– Telangiectasia – red “spider veins” of the face
– General brightening of the facial complexion

The Lumenis M22, considered the “gold standard” in photorejuvenation technology, employs OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology) for increased safety and efficacy of the treatment and MSP (Multiple Sequential Pulsing) which improves efficacy while improving patient comfort.  With the M22’s advanced filter system and unique pulsing sequences, we can now even better tailor a treatment to meet your specific skin care concerns on your face, neck, and body more safely and comfortably!