Authors: Jennifer Jacobsen, R.N. & Erin Wayt, R.N.

A small percentage of injectors, and we at TOC Medical Spa our proud to count ourselves amongst them, are trained to inject dermal fillers using a cannula. A cannula is a blunt tipped thin tube that can be used in lieu of a needle to perform filler treatments. In order to inject filler using a cannula, an entry point is made with a needle of a slightly larger diameter than that of the cannula-the cannula is then introduced through the entry point to allow your injector to place dermal filler in multiple planes and regions using that entry site. Why is this beneficial? Because a cannula is blunt tipped, the likelihood of puncturing a vessel is substantially reduced using this method. Therefore, the risk of bruising is reduced as well as the risk of introducing filler intravascularly (a rare complication of injectable fillers) while safety is improved around important structures-like eyes…The cannula technique also involves fewer puncture sites than treatments involving traditional needles and many patients report that the cannula technique causes less discomfort than needle injections. Traditional needle injections are still often appropriate and you and your injector will determine the best (and safest) technique, which may involve cannulas, needles or both based on your specific treatment needs.