logo-smallIt’s been about a year since we changed our name from Toccare (toe-carr-ee) to TOC Medical Spa, so we thought we’d clear up any lingering confusion.

Many patients have wondered why we made the change and if anything else has changed with it.  We’re here to assure you that things have only grown and improved, and the majority of our staff has grown with us.

When we started the aesthetic and injectable portion of our practice in 1998, we were called TOC Aesthetic Skin Care (TOC ASC).  We practiced in Suite 120 – the same suite as our parent practice (Texas Oculoplastic Consultants).  In 2008, we were able to build out Suite 130 for our medical spa, and that is when our name was changed to Toccare.  Andrea, Meredith, and Theresa were all with us through this change, and, in the Spring of 2015, Jennifer and Dawn were added to our team.

In September 2015, Texas Oculoplastic Consultants changed their name to TOC Eye and Face to better indicate the variety of care they provide.  At this same time, we decided to change our name to TOC Medical Spa.  We felt that it was important that our patients recognized that we were part of the same company as TOC Eye and Face.  TOC Eye and Face has an impeccable reputation across Central Texas, but the name is even recognized internationally in the medical world.  It was important for us to hold on to the reputable TOC title, but we wanted our services to be even more apparent.  The nurses and physicians at TOC work closely on a daily basis.  Our physicians support our nurses’ patient care every step of the way.  Having similar names emphasizes this important relationship to make our patients feel even more comfortable during their visits.  One month after our name changed, Erin joined our Aesthetic Nursing team.

So while our name may have changed, our values have remained the same.  We continue to provide our patients with the best possible care by some of the most trustworthy, talented providers in the industry.