tech neck


Author: Jennifer Jacobsen, R.N.

The recently coined phrase “tech neck” is used to aptly describe neck, back and shoulder pain and, even worse, wrinkles associated with our obsessive, almost continual, use of tech gadgets.  People of younger and younger ages are seeking treatment for what initially appears as distinct rings on their necks eventually progressing to drooping, sagging skin we normally see in a much more mature population.

What can we do to avoid this? Let’s not get ridiculous and suggest that maybe we could spend less time on electronic devices. I mean, after all, there isn’t “book neck.”  But gravitational pull is gravitational pull. Tech neck is, however, even more reason not to neglect our neck and chest. The thinner skin of the neck and chest contain 15 times fewer sebaceous glands and absorption sites than the skin of our faces and therefore needs even more intense hydration.

A product with a high percentage of hyaluronic acid is great for the neck.  Your trusted retinoid is a great product to promote cell turnover of the neck and minimize lines and crepiness. The neck and chest benefit greatly from your free radical crushing antioxidants, too.  Here I go again…SUNSCREEN!  (Always remember to apply topicals to the chest and neck in an upward motion.)  Many of our medical spa treatments are great for treating the neck too: Micropen, chemical peels, IPLs, and more. So use that device you are reading this blog on, and call us to schedule an appointment to address your tech neck!