toccare3Author: Jennifer Jacobsen, RN

Diversion has become a frustrating word in the professional beauty industry, yet it is surprising that so many people don’t understand what diversion really is and how it affects the industry.  In the beauty industry, diversion is the sale of professional salon products outside of their normal channels of distribution – otherwise known as a “grey” markets. The next question most would ask is, “is it illegal?”  The answer is that no law explicitly prohibits diversion.  However, diversion may violate contract provisions as well as importation or other laws. Industry members who fight against diversion would say that diversion is unethical. (

Why is this important to us? Many of the products we offer in the medical spa are sold in these “grey” markets – most notably online. Patients will frankly tell us that they can get products “cheaper” online.  While this may be true, there is no way to guarantee the purity of the product. These products are sometimes counterfeit, may be diluted, or, at a minimum, expired – all of which effect the efficacy of our treasured youth restorers. Plus, we as aesthetic nurses and consultants get really excited about “shopping” with our clients about introducing them to new products!  We understand the excitement of a good deal, but there is always a level of concern with online purchases that you aren’t getting what you paid for.  We would never want you using something on your skin that is harmful, so we strongly encourage you to do your research.  Medical-grade products (the majority of what we carry) are usually required to be sold in medical offices or by medical sources.

Unsure if your products are the real deal?  We’re happy to help you investigate!  Bring your products in with the online purchasing information, and we can confirm with our reps that those distributors are allowed to do so.