Product Spotlight (2)
Author: Taylor Grant

February is almost over, so there are only a couple of days left to save 15% on SkinCeuticals® products!  We wanted to shout out one of our go-to hyperpigmentation products right now before the sale ends – SkinCeuticals® Advanced Pigment Corrector.

A couple of years ago, a new law was put into place that only allowed pharmacies to dispense hydroquinone products in Texas.  This was devastating for us in medical offices, as most of our patients were on a hydroquinone regimen that we helped them manage at our office.  This gave us the ability to lay out all of their products to best fit their particular skin concerns.  Having to prescribe out hydroquinone prescriptions made this a bit more challenging for us as we searched for the most elegant, beneficial formula to prescribe to our patients.  During this time, we were also on the hunt for in-office replacements that provided comparable results.  SkinCeuticals came out with Advanced Pigment Corrector at just the right time!

This product is a multi-action treatment that helps reduce the appearance of discoloration, and it improves skin tone.  The key ingredients (Salicylic acid, Hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid, and Ellagic acid) help exfoliate the skin and fade discolorations.  It’s great for all skin types (unless you’re extremely sensitive), and it’s paraben-free/non-comedogenic!