iStock_000083347777_SmallAuthor: Jennifer Jacobsen, R.N.

I often joke with cosmetic patients that in order to accomplish application of all the recommended products in our beauty regimens that they must commit to heading to the bathroom around 7 o’clock to complete all the steps for a 10 o’clock bedtime. This is even more imperative if you are disciplined enough to use your handheld Tria® laser or NuFace® in addition to all of your topicals, lash, eye, and lip treatments – and that is just your face!  Add body treatments and oral care, and well, maybe we should get started even earlier.  I am outing myself here at great risk to my job security… I am often doing well to simply cleanse and apply a moisturizer.  The problem is that topical skin treatments work much better when actually applied to the skin as opposed to adorning your vanity with lovely and expensive packaging. They also must be applied with consistency to achieve real results. For the devoted, never-wavering, diligent product junkies (I am looking at you Theresa Allen – and it shows), congratulations!  For those more like me, I am trying something that I hope will help me and maybe you too. I have organized a cute basket (or maybe it is a lidless, homeless piece of Tupperware) with all the daily evening products and a hand held mirror next to my bed. I cleanse, allow my face to dry thoroughly and then apply products periodically through the news (or maybe it is Vanderpump Rules) from the comfort of my bed. This has increased the nights I actually get all my products applied well and hopefully, soon enough, will improve the quality of my skin as well!

Do you have a method to remember to apply your products?