sculptraAuthor: Jennifer Jacobsen, R.N.

We are constantly asked what the difference is between Sculptra®Aesthetic and Radiesse®.  Most of our patients are aware that they’re different from the majority of the fillers we offer which are hyaluronic acid fillers, but they aren’t sure exactly why or how they’re different.  Here are the basic differences:

Sculptra and Radiesse are both long term fillers but work by different mechanisms. Scupltra consists of the plant-derived acids poly-L-lactic acid, carboxymethylcellulose  and mannitol which attract water to “plump” and stimulate collagen production to “fill”. Radiesse consists of hydroxyapatite calcium spheres-biologically identical to the substance that makes up bone and teeth-suspended in gel. Both are injectable volumizers. Radiesse, injected in a single treatment session, provides immediate results lasting as long as a year. Considered a biostimulator, Sculptra, injected over several treatment sessions, provides “temporary” immediate results by nature of the volume of fluid injected which subsides within several days as the gradual process of collagen production begins and reaches optimal results over a period of months-then lasting several years. Radiesse is generally used for cheek volume while Sculptra is used for more “allover” volume.

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