The Eclipse® MicroPen® Elite is proving to have impressive results.

Author: Jennifer Jacobsen, RN

We are now seeing the results after a four treatment series of one of our newer menu options, the Eclipse® MicroPen® Elite! MicroPen uses a disposable sterile cartridge containing 12 micro points set at various depths, based on your skin care needs, to create hundreds of controlled micro-injuries. The skin’s natural ability to repair itself results in the production of collagen and elastin, improving the texture of skin and the appearance of fine lines. We have also seen substantial improvement in acne scars. (MicroPen can be used to treat non-facial scarring and stretch marks as well.) These micro-injuries also serve as channels for better delivery of topical agents such as the hyaluronic acid or growth factor used during treatments, as well as topicals used in your own skin care regimen. The day of your MicroPen treatment, you will have marked redness, much like a sun burn, and we will ask that you don’t apply makeup. In the following days the redness is markedly diminished and the slight swelling gives a beautiful glow and diminished pore size. Book your MicroPen treatment today to achieve optimal results by the holidays!