Cosmetic Bootcamp

Author: Jennifer Jacobsen, R.N.

Recently, I was afforded the opportunity to attend Cosmetic Bootcamp in, of all beautiful places, Aspen, Colorado. “Cosmetic Bootcamp® is committed to providing ongoing training and educational opportunities for aesthetic medicine physicians and their staff,” and I was able to bring some valuable information back to share with the physicians and other nurses at TOC Medical Spa.

Organized and taught by some of the greatest minds in aesthetics, myself and my companion, Dr. Emily Bratton (TOC Fellow), attended fascinating and informative classes ranging from topical skin care and stem cell use for rejuvenation to dentition and the aging face. We were able to learn about the latest technologies, including, Vanquish-a state of the art fat reduction system that we are proud to have recently made available to patients here at TOC Medical Spa. Many of the classes were pertinent to our R.N. nurse injectors, as they focused on novel uses for injectable fillers, such as volume restoration in the aging hand and safety in using injectable fillers. Live injection sessions as well as detailed cadaver dissection injection sessions with both fillers and neuromodulators enhanced and advanced the anatomical knowledge needed to provide the best possible cosmetic treatments. These valuable learning experiences allow us to continue to focus on our number one priority – offering the best possible care to our patients.