Bridal Makeup & Skincare

Wedding season is here! Is your big day coming up? Start prepping your skin with medical grade skincare products and treatments, and pick out your jane iredale – THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP must-haves to help you achieve your desired look on your wedding day. TOC Medical Spa’s manager, Taylor, gives some tips on how she prepared for her big day this time last year…

Pre-Wedding Treatments:

“I have normal-oily skin, so HydraFacials are my best friend. They’re great for removing blackheads, decreasing pore size, and minimizing blemishes. I had a Hydrafacial done about three weeks before my wedding day. This gave me plenty of time to let everything come to the surface and clear up. I also had a Botox®Cosmetic treatment done under my arms at this time to help with sweating. Botox takes about 7-10 days to kick in, and, for me, it usually takes the full 10 days.”

Weekly Skincare:

“Leading up to the wedding, I used the SkinCeuticals Clarifying Clay Masque every Sunday evening for about a month. This is one of my go-to products for clearing up my skin when I’m having a break out. When used regularly, it helps keep everything at bay.”

Daily Skincare:

“I have quite the skincare regimen that I do every morning and night. I mix it up every once in a while, but I tried not to add anything new for about two months before the wedding. I tend to have product reactions each time I introduce something new, and I didn’t want to deal with that before the wedding. Every morning I cleanse with a glycolic face wash and my fingertips, tone, apply an antioxidant, apply a blemish control product, moisturize (lightly), use an eye cream, put on SPF (most important!), and I use RevitaLash before putting on makeup. My nightly routine is much more simple. After I cleanse with my Clarisonic Smart Profile brush and tone, I use a retinol and lightening cream every other night with a moisturizer on top. When I’m not using the retinol at night, I use an anti-aging product.”

Wedding Day Makeup:

“I wear Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup every day, and my wedding day was no different. I didn’t want to use any other brands on my wedding day because I didn’t want to break out. This is what I used on the big day after applying my usual skincare products:

  1. With my fingertips, I applied Smooth Affair Primer & Brightener all over my face.
  2. For foundation, I used Glow Time BB Cream in BB3 with my fingertips. The warmth from your fingertips helps this product spread easier.
  3. Active Light Under-Eye Concealer No. 1 went under my eyes with a Camouflage Brush.
  4. Zap & Hide Concealer in Z2 covered any blemishes that I had. I also used the Camouflage Brush to apply this one.
  5. Next, I used Lemon Lid Primer on my eyelids. I always use my weakest finger (usually the ring finger) to apply this. The lemon color helps conceal any reds or purples on the eyelid. I’m a red head, so this is a lifesaver for me.
  6. After the lid primer set, I used a mixture of Pure Pressed Eye Shadows and Eye Gloss to my lids. I used Oyster on my brow bone, Champagne Eye Gloss on my lids, White in the corners of my eyes, Dawn in the crease, and Shady Lady on the outer corners. I used a mixture of the Crease Brush, Eye Shader, and Mini Dome brush to apply and blend these.
  7. Cream to Powder Liner in Black/Brown Plus is my favorite eyeliner ever. I used the darkest shade of brown for my eyeliner, and I applied it with the Smudge Brush.
  8. Before I applied my Longest Lash Mascara in Black Ice, I used the Pure Lash Conditioner. This helps strengthen your lashes, but it also makes them appear thicker. I applied false lashes after the mascara dried.
  9. For my brows I used the Bitty Brow Kit in Blonde to give them a little more color and hold them in place.
  10. With the Flocked Sponge, I applied Beyond Matte Powder in Translucent all over my face. This is a great powder to control shine, (perfect for all of those pictures being taken!) so your skin appears to be smooth and flawless.
  11. I used the Rose Dawn Bronzer as my blush. This is a beautiful mix of colors, so you adjust it depending on the outfit, season, or occasion. I applied the “warmer” choices from the four colors with the White Fan Brush.
  12. I always like to use a hydration spray to help set my makeup. On my wedding day, I used Balance Hydration Spray to help control oil.
  13. I’m a lip color layer-er. I always mix colors. I used the Rose Lip Pencil to line my lips. Then I put on Lip Fixation in Rapture as a base color. Once that dried, I put Pure Moist Lipstick in Margi on top. This combo had the perfect mix of staying power plus moisture.”

Have questions or need advice on how to prepare your skin for your big day? We’re always here to help! Schedule an Aesthetic Consultation with one of our Registered Nurses to discuss treatments, and meet with our Cosmetologist to discuss which Jane Iredale products will help complete your look.