Sunscreen Required

Author: Meredith Brethe, R.N.

It happened again today. A patient came in for her first appointment at Toccare and, during her consultation, told me that she doesn’t use sunscreen daily. The reason she gave was a very familiar and common claim – she’s tried many, and they all seem to cause her skin to break out. Some other common claims we hear are that people are allergic to something in the sunscreen, when they sweat, it runs into their eyes, that it makes their skin appear shiny, that they don’t like the “heavy” feel of the sunscreen, or that their makeup has sunscreen in it. The most common response we’re hearing this time of year? “It’s winter, so I’m never outside.”

This leads us to ask a few questions. Where do you normally apply your makeup? Does it cover your neck as well? Does it provide broad spectrum (anti-UVB as well as anti-UVA) protection? Is the SPF in the amount you apply at least a numerical value of 30 for the UVB radiation? In the fall and winter months, are you always sitting in a windowless room during the day? (Hint: probably not. That means if you’re able to see daylight, then you’re receiving some amount of radiation from the sun.) Photoaging from the sun is the number one cause of premature wrinkling and breakdown of the elements in the skin that give it its suppleness. Don’t you want to protect the features of yours that are most visible, expressive, and integral to your personality – the health and beauty of your own facial skin?

At Toccare, we’ve actually hand-selected all of the sunscreens that we carry and used them ourselves. In fact, we use them before we ever place an order and sell them to our patients! As a group, we are a picky bunch, and basically every skin type is represented among the staff of Toccare. We have the benefit of recognizing what products work for what skin types and the ability to give and receive accurate feedback about them. That being said, there’s a facial-quality sunscreen here in our product room for you that will be just right, and we would like to see you protect the investment you make in your appearance by matching you up with a sunscreen that you’ll actually enjoy using. Your sunscreen of choice will feel good on your skin as well as giving it ample protection. We even have an under-eye sunscreen that works beautifully as a lid primer! Not to mention that our Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics® line is pure, safe, and bestows sun protection naturally in most products because of its inherent mineral composition.

Now that’s beautiful; don’t you agree? Good! We thought you would!

Call now for your complimentary skin care consultation and plan to bring along the products you’ve used. We’ll sit down with you, evaluate what you have and how and when to make any changes that are indicated, and match the perfect-for-you sunscreen to protect all that you do to become and remain more youthful!