Ultherapy® Décolletage is FDA Approved

Now that the FDA has given approval for Ultherapy’s efficacy for rejuvenating the décolletage (chest) area in addition to the face and neck, Theresa had to give it a try after experience such great results with Ultherapy on her face and neck. Last week, Theresa and Meredith spent an hour rejuvenating Theresa’s décolletage area using a newly developed topical anesthetic cream available from a local compounding pharmacy. Theresa even tested the cream by applying it to only one half of her chest to compare the intensity of the treatment with and without it.

Theresa said, “I was really excited about trying out Ultherapy on my chest. Because of past years of sun damage there (from horseback riding, dog walking, and the occasional family beach house getaway), the reduction in skin texture that I noticed on my décolletage area was really starting to bother me. When Ultherapy was approved for that indication and area, I was especially excited to know that it will help me there! I found the compounded topical cream to make a significant difference in comfort, too, so I’m glad I had a chance to experiment on myself and found out it helps.”

Meredith agreed. “We were all happy to hear that Ultherapy is now officially approved as therapeutic for face, neck, and chest. We’d had training in anticipation of this new indication, so we’re already up and running now for all indications. Theresa did great getting the treatment… and you know she did that strictly for scientific research, of course!”

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