Science Develops Clinical Tool for Guide to Skincare “Bests”

Author: Meredith Brethe

Earlier this year, the highly regarded Journal of Drugs in Dermatology published a peer-reviewed paper for clinicians which summarizes important principles for designing the best skincare regimens. Your skincare professionals at TOC Medical Spa, familiar with these ideas for years, are happy to endorse and utilize this scientifically based, succinct tool to guide you toward product choices in a way that can help each person understand and prioritize their purchases. Called the Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid, this is an educational framework and product guide created from extensive scientific literature and study review on ingredients, formulations, and technologies affecting skin biology.

The pyramid is based on three hierarchal components, arranged in ascending order of priority. The base of the pyramid defines the “must have daily” fundamental protection and repair components. The center layer is the “needs to have” category that transforms, normalizes and rejuvenates skin. The pyramid is topped by the “nice to have” ingredients and functions that provide cell stimulation with newer, promising technologies that can optimize skin health and beauty. Because skin care professionals have access to more scientific, evidence-based studies on nonprescription topical skincare products, they are your source and trusted experts for what really works, why and where you need it, and how to choose the best options for you and your budgetary issues – both financial and time-wise. As you may know already, TOC Medical Spa has carefully evaluated and selected a number of excellent quality products for purchase so that our patients may use them both as stand-alone home care and also as adjuncts to in-office procedures or surgeries. Each one of these fine products has its special place in the Skin Health and Beauty Pyramid. To learn more, make an appointment with one of TOC Medical Spa’s experienced nurses today!