Fall is Finally Here

Author: Meredith Brethe, R.N.

When I woke up this morning, something was different… it was actually cool in our house – and not from the A/C! Finally, now in mid-October, the actual feeling of autumn. Welcome!

Of course, by the time you see this it may be 90 degrees (or more) outside, but for now I’m holding on to the idea that we’ve had our signal that it’s time to put summertime, with its occasional chaotic pulse, behind us, and slip into a more comforting rhythm. What does that look like for you? Around here, it’s a reminder that it’s a great time to start working on repairing summer skin – speckles, freckles, and stressed-out textures that give away just how much fun we had over the past few months. Speaking for myself here, of course.

So it’s actually a great feeling to hop back on the wagon and start watching my skin improve with some good Hydrafacial™MD treatments followed by our top notch TOC Medical Spa skin care products and my brand new Clarisonic® Smart Profile brush (which I adore). IPL FotoFacial™RFs – on sale this month – are in my future to blend out evidence of my Deep Eddy days. And since we’re talking personally here, I’ll tell you that I’m loving these new products we have! Environ® body care products, with their one-two punch, have really helped my legs and arms smooth out. All of our body products are on sale in October (and they’re all great!), so you can pick your favorites.

Won’t you join me in the Fall Fix-Up? Come see us soon; we welcome you even more than this gorgeous weather!